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When I first started designing my own fabric prints for my bags, many of you asked if I would ever come out with my own logo print. I always said no because I have always thought it tactless for companies to make their customers who btw are already paying astronomical amounts of money for their products to now be that company's walking advertisement. FOR FREE! I have always found that rude and devious of companies to do.

So, my answer was always no. But I did think about a way I could create an official Hunnelle Kari print, that told a story of who Hunnelle Kari is and the family behind it, but that our customers can also see themselves in and relate to besides just a logo. Be it a childhood memory, a hobby, nostalgia, or a place they love or live in. And the following photos are of that very print. This print is called I Love You Forever, named after a favorite book of my kids when they were little. They used to ask me to read it to them every night. But I didn't always because I can never finish reading it without crying.

And I didn't want to cry every night. This print is filled with our family memories, to include a written note my son, Paulmichael gave me inside the book, I'll Love You Forever he gave to me for Christmas when he was 23. He switched the wording from a mother talking to her son to Paulmichael talking to me. There are drawings I got from my son, Liam on this print, a few notes from Kari with pressed flowers she picked while she was in basic training for the Army, a rock Taylor gave me when he was in kindergarten, and an envelope with Mahal-Kita (I love you in Pinoy) the Whiteboy, that'smy husband, gave me. I retired this print a couple of years ago. But now that I'm closing down the business, I thought I would bring it back and allow those who loved this print a chance to place an order. If you want.
We’ve created links to Spoonflower where you will be able see all our print designs and choose your print. Mahalo for your understanding.


wearable art

hunnelle |  artist



Hunnelle creates prints using her artwork, often done in watercolors.



prints, wallet, satchel, artwork, scarf, pillowcase