Valentines Gift Charm DIY

Valentine’s Gift Charm

    Guess what H&K followers.  Today we are posting our first DIY!  I am so excited because we have been wanting to do this for a while and since we now have a few more helping hands at our H&K store, we have more opportunities for fun stuff like this.  I just love DIY projects.  It gets the creative juices flowing and you feel so accomplished upon completing it.  So, here it goes. We thought we'd start with something simple that anyone can do.  Even if you're not awesome at hand sewing, your charm will turn out just fine because of how unfinished and rustic looking the charm will be.  So imperfection IS perfection!

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Alrighty, lets start with our materials.  They are all inexpensive and I'm sure you even have most of them just hanging around your house.  

  • 2 Pieces of 10x10 Fabric
  • A strip of raw fabric to put your message on
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Wire
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Wire Cutter Pliers

    Ok, I'm going to start with the directions and at the bottom of this post will be the step by step pictures.   So, the first thing you are going to do is cut 36" of wire with your wire cutters.  Then you will fold the wire in half and twist.  I've found it easiest pinch the cut ends of the wire together while only twisting the end where we folded the wire in half.  You are also more likely to get a clean looking twist this way.  Next, you will loop the cut ends of the wire around the folded end of the wire leaving a 2” tail at the folded half end.  Now, wrap the cut ends of the wire around the “neck” of the loop that you just created.  Once that is done you will shape the loop into a heart.  Remember, it’s ok if it doesn’t look like a perfect heart.  Now you take your two pieces of scrap fabric with the wrong sides facing each other.  This leaves the side with the design facing out.  Now lay the heart on the fabric and secure it with a few quick stitches.  These stitches don’t have to be pretty.  They are just to hold the heart to the fabric so it doesn’t shift while you complete your charm.  Next, you will cut around the heart, 1” from the wire.  Once you’ve finished that, you will blanket stitch the fabric edges around the wire.  If you’re not sure what a blanket stitch is I’ll tell you.  You will pull your needle through the fabric next to the wire on the inside of the heart.  Then bring your needle up and do another one of those stitches, this time making sure your needle goes through the loop of thread created by your previous stitch and your current stitch.  Continue pulling the thread until is taut.  You have now completed your first blanket stitch.  You will repeat this stitch all the way around the heart.  If you are a visual learner like I am, here is a picture of how to blanket stitch.


    Alright. Now that you have finished blanket stitching around the heart, you must stitch the gift label onto the finished heart.  And voila! You have completed your heart charm for your Valentines gift.  To attach your heart charm to your gift ribbon, just slip that loop at the top of the heart under the gift ribbon and fold the loop over onto the heart.  And you’re done!  I hope you enjoyed this DIY.  Let us know what you think. Oh, and we’d love to see how your heart charms turned out too!

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