Bands for Convenience

Long over Due

Over the last year, I've wanted to design securing bands on the back of my weekender that can be used to secure the weekender to a luggage telescoping handle when it sits on top of a rolling carry on or luggage. 

I originally designed the weekender to have the dual purpose of a carry on while also having the functionality of a purse when I travelled, eliminating the need to carry two bags, a carry on and a purse. But I found that even though my customers love the size of the H&K weekender, some still needed or wanted to take with them a rolling carry on and their H&K weekender. So, I wanted to accommodate their need for convenience by adding luggage bands on my weekenders. The luggage bands would secure their weekender on their rolling carry on. I wanted to tackle this project last year. But life and business kept going and I never did have the time to implement my idea.

When I have a new design idea, I like to make sure it works as well in action as I thought it out in my head. For this new design, I needed to travel to see how well it worked. That's the main reason I kept putting the idea aside and never worked on it...until now.



Sometimes we all need a little nudge in the right direction. And I got that when I recently met a group of awesome people with ideas of living life by helping others, while enjoying every minute of it.  

They help families around the island achieve their wish to own a home with Military Home Source. Anyone living in Hawaii these days know how hard that can be. The same group of people also help give veterans a voice through benefit education with The Veterans Movement. They believe in sharing knowledge and information with veterans, and guiding them towards sources that help with personal and business needs.



In February, at a Veterans Movement event Gregg and I attented, we were invited to visit the Military Home Source office in Waipio by Joleen Dias, Deborah Arguello, and Amanda Cazares. They asked us to bring in some of our bags as they were interested in buying a few items...they've been keeping me busy on the sewing machine since that visit.



But buying bags from us wasn't the only plus to our meeting this wonderful group of people. Joleen asked me if I would put something on her weekender so that she could secure it to her rolling carry on? I told her that I've had the idea for doing that for a long time but never had the time to actually try it out to see how well it would work while traveling. ( I don't like selling bags that don't work well for the owner)

 I agreed to add that feature on her bag.  Since Gregg and I were about to visit our sons in Colorado, I thought it a great time to work on this added design. The orders at Military Home Source weren't due for delivery until a week after we came back from our trip to the mainland, so it gave me time to try out my idea on that trip. And have time enough to tweak any problems.



As it turned out, the luggage bands I designed for the weekender came as a blessing when our flight back to Oahu was delayed. We had a connecting flight in San Francisco and the San Francisco air traffic controllers wouldn't allow our plane in Denver to depart.  They had heavy fog in San Francisco with no visibility for our plane to land once we arrived. We were stuck in Denver for 4 hours, which was okay. I spent that time catching up on my Candy Crush Soda game and got to move up 3 levels ....yeahness!!!  

Gregg had been completely useless in helping me progress in the game during our visit. We take turns playing on the same account.  He was too busy hanging out with the boys (our sons, Liam and Paulmichael) and  playing with the girls (our granddaughters, Paulmichael's daughters, Mila and Keighlani.)  Like I said, completely least with those distractions around.


Of course, we missed our connecting flight in San Francisco. We stayed overnight at a hotel near the airport and once again the luggage bands on my weekender was a great big help. Especially when getting on and off the shuttle bus to the Westin for the night and back to the airport the next day in the rain. Having my two carry on stay together made the task of stepping on and off the bus loaded with bags less of a hassle.


My trial run with my new addition to the weekender was a success! I had thought that I'd pretty much gotten this bag to as perfect in function as I could possibly get it and have left nothing out...but it looks like I was wrong...but it's perfect now! Of course in a couple of years, I will probably find a way to make it even more perfect!!! :)

So, we had a wonderful trip to Colorado. Enjoyed spending time with our sons and granddaughters, and I returned home feeling confident that Joleen would like and find helpful the luggage bands she requested I added on her weekender.

...But not before Gregg and I had some In-N-Out burgers and fries before leaving Cali!!! Because you can't go to California without stopping at In-N-Out!!!

Come on!!! Who doesn't know THAT?!!!

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