Hawaii Snow Day

For mainlanders, snow day means kids get to stay home because it snowed a lot the night before. But for my grandson, Rhyder who is in pre-school here on Oahu, it means a day filled with fun at school where a truck brings in snow flurries to cover the lush green grass at school for a couple of hours and the kids get to play in it.

I would imagine that for people who live somewhere cold, snow is very ordinary. But for most of us who don't get to see snow often and specially for those who have never seen snow, it's quite a novelty indeed.


The beach shovel gets double duty and becomes a snow shovel for today and it looks like Rhyder is as natural at making snow balls as he is at making sand castles.  


I think the big kid, my son, Taylor, Rhyder's Daddy was having fun at snow day too.


We live in a 74 degree average weather at winter time so while it was fun for Rhyder and Taylor, this snow day must come to an end. But it is always nice to be able to play in the snow and thaw out and let your pants dry a couple of hours later under our Hawaii sun.

Hunnelle TreneryComment