~Luxe fabric prints~ July2016 | "I must've had ice cream and shaved ice on my mind when choosing my colors"

messenger totes in Arbor Vines & Kids at Play collections
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clutch/sling/waistpack combo bag in Arbor Vines & Kids at Play collections

I must've had ice cream and shaved ice on my mind when choosing my colors because that is exactly what I came up with, ice cream and shaved ice colors. 
I call these prints Arbor Vines for the florals only and Kids at Play for the florals with keikis.

Sorry I haven't posted on my blog in months. I have been busy filling orders, new accounts, events, and working on new designs, to include working on my own fabric prints. Not to mention taking some time off for family.
It took me a few years but I finally came out with my own line of fabric prints for my bags. And yes, to answer some questions I've already been asked, these prints are available for purchase for your own projects.


I created these prints from paintings I did on two old trunks I made about 15 years ago. One I made for my daughter, Kari and the other one for me. She joined the army after graduating high school and have since  moved around all over the globe with her husband and 2 kids. I still have her trunk. It's hard to ship something so big to the mainland, where she currently lives. So, for now I use her trunk along with mine as tables to put cut pieces of fabrics, waiting to be sewn into bags in my workroom.  

A funny little story to go with these trunks is that I often managed to embarrass my kids on their way to school. The four of them ranged from school ages of grade school, middle school and high school back then. On our way to drive them to school, I found many furniture pieces waiting for rubbish pick up and if a piece looked salvageable, I would tell my kids to hop out and put the furniture in the back of our van. I often received complaints such as, "Ma! We go to school with some of the kids living on this street!"
These trunks were some of those pieces we salvaged on our morning drives to their schools.

Be on the lookout for our next blog about how I came up with my Kailua Salt Rust fabric print...I got the idea while visiting a friend at her house in Kailua. You don't want to miss out on that story! Check out the photo for a little preview below.

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