Working on Watercolors for Spring Collection


Lately I've been revisiting an old hobby, painting.
Since finally braving  to make bags out of my own works of photography and artwork on Hunnelle Kari originally designed fabrics, I'm remembering how much fun I had when I used to paint.
So, AHA! moment... What about watercolors?!
Yes, the Hunnelle Kari spring collection will consist of bags made from watercolors I'm working on this autumn season. I hope you will like them.
We will have both contemporary and an Aloha collection. 
The Aloha collection will feature hibiscus, (I haven't yet decided if I will go with the photo of my watercolors above) among other notables that specifically says "of Hawaii."
ey! Honu!


For contemporary prints, I am playing around with watercolors and vintage telephones.
I'm super excited about this whimsical project because well, I like to live in a world full of fantastic beauty and possibilities we've yet to even imagine. 

I'll make updates on my progress.

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