My love for time and things of yesteryears...

I love period movies. I often watch them and wonder what it would've been like for me to live in that time. Of course, these thoughts are often about the clothes, the architecture, the art, the china and glassware, the parasols, the get thoughts are really fantasies and unrealistic, because it's all about the style of the period. My favorite time periods are the 18th century and anytime between the turn of the last century to the mid 1940s.
I always bemoan the fact that major stylists and designers today don't really celebrate those time periods in their designs all that often. And at a young age, I learned quickly that if I want something and can't buy it from the store, then I will have to create it for myself. That is what I have done with my new prints for 2017. A sort of look back to yesteryears with an updated twist for our lives today. I hope you will like them as much as I enjoy creating them for you.

This is our first Yesteryear look for Spring 2017. The 1930s BOHO SAFARI CHIC with the first to come out, the messenger and wallet/sling/waistpack.

It's inspired by my love of the 1930s emergence of more tailored but yet still with a hint of flapper soft style for women. The celebration of being able to show more legs with higher hemlines, and old sepia photos of safaris...

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