2018 Spring Collection ~Manoa Rain segment~


I actually had my spring collection pretty much all planned out by the end of summer in 2017. But our recent move last September, 10 minutes down the hill to Manoa Valley, had me adding another segment to my collection; Manoa Rain.
It seemed to rain everyday during our first month in Manoa. I thought maybe the weather just had a shift for more rain on the islands but as the months passed, I realized that my new neighborhood near the foothills of Manoa Valley gets more rain than even just a 2 minute drive down the road to UH Manoa, where the climate is warmer and more arid in comparison....and I loved it!
All that rain means I didn't have to water my plants everyday, I get to hear the soothing sounds of rain hitting our roof and of course, MORE RAINBOWS!!! Even more than normal.

One day, I was in my workroom enjoying the sound of rain while I was sewing and happened to look up and out the window to my left and saw that gorgeous rainbow. Photo on the right above.
I stopped what I was doing, pulled out my watercolors tablet and my paints and took a break by putting what I was feeling on canvas. And Manoa Rain collection was born.