This is Our Story


My name is Hunnelle. My design inspiration comes from watching other people struggle with their bags. 
I find people interesting, fascinating, 
and even funny.
I learn so much from observing
how people operate with their bags.
I notice how some struggle with their bags
and how most people like to carry their bags depending on what part of the world or country they're from.
I often design bags for my own use.
But in doing so, I also incorporate the things I learn
from watching how other people carry and struggle with their bags.

My designs offer solutions to problems with how bags work for us.
I want to also offer bags with alternatives.
Because when we leave the house,
what we do often changes throughout the day.
Our bags should be able to accommodate those changes, to work for us instead of us working for our bags.


HI! My name is Kari and I design timeless dolls for kids of all ages.
My dolls are safe for babies to play with and fun for adults, reminding them of their own childhood moments when they played dress up with their dolls.

our mission

Creating original prints + Designing smart handbags
Handcrafting timeless dolls and accessories
for kids and the kid in you.

social responsibility


I was born in the Philippines where we shopped for our meals on a daily basis, so food was never wasted. In fact, there was rarely any leftovers and scraps were saved and fed to the pigs. And when we spilled uncooked rice, we picked them all up, ensuring not to waste a single grain. Saving every spilled grains of rice is not only part of survival but also showing gratitude to the higher power who gifted us with food.

When we went shopping, we brought with us "the reusable shopping bag" or if we were going to the market for our meal, we carried with us the "wicker basket" specific for food shopping. Our food was always fresh because we shopped by meal to meal and we didn't have a pantry full of wasted food that sat there for months or even years.
Snacks were the same. We bought fresh snacks, like pastries or fruits when we got hungry or had the munches. Or went to our fruit tree outside and picked a ripened fruit. Cutting them up was a family shared moment filled with fun and laughter where the children were taught responsibilities with how to use a knife and being kind by sharing evenly.
We often patronized the street vendor, who walked around pushing his cart full of cooked fish or stir fry and stews for our dinner meals. Therefore, helping our neighbors earn their  living and our community make money.

At Hunnelle Kari, we like to practice what I learned as a child in the Philippines by creating products with style and durability that last longer than a season. Products that help the person, who spent their hard earned money on our well thoughtout and lovingly made creations. We love for our products to be aesthetically pleasing but we would also like for them to be utilized for years to come. 
We DO NOT want to be part of the problem that is fast fashion, which create products that often last long enough for the first wash or which styles are only good for one season. Our products are not only pretty, they are timeless and durable.

I grew up playing with toys that my mother made for me and my brothers. Whether that was a playhouse she made out of a refrigerator box or a soft doll my mother had sewn, my brothers and I enjoyed playing with many homemade toys as children. 

One year, my brother Taylor, who was only 5 at the time asked my parents for a horse for Christmas. Of course my parents couldn't afford a real horse, so my mother got creative and made my brother a stick horse. My mother was so excited weeks before Christmas thinking how happy Taylor will be when he finally opens his present and sees his stick horse. My mother had sewn the stick horse head using faux fur and buttons for the eyes. My parents bought Taylor a toy rifle, a cowboy hat, and boots too to go with his stick horse since Taylor was going through his cowboys and Indians phase. 
Christmas morning came and my brother opened his present. We were all thinking how happy and excited he would be to see it and play with it...that isn't what happened though. 
Upon  realizing that the stick horse was what he was getting in place of a real horse, Taylor threw the stick horse down with disgust, stomped off down the hallway and with disappointment said under his breath, "...but I wanted a REAL HORSE!"
That's not the end of the story though. After a few hours, Taylor warmed up to the idea of playing with a stick horse and that night he was skipping through the house pretending to ride it, shooting me and our brother, Paulmichael with his toy shotgun.
Today, my brother Taylor remembers that horse with fond memories, as do I of my dolls that my mother had made for me.


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Hunnelle uses her own watercolors, drawings, memorabilia and photography to create her own fabric prints. 

plaid process.jpg

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If you happen to be at one of our events, my husband Gregg or our sons, Taylor and Liam maybe the ones helping you choose the bag you didn't realize you've been searching for. I could not run this business without my family's help. Please excuse them, they're a bit goofy.


Proud Family of Veterans