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My name is Hunnelle. I love the unusual, unique, and oddities in life.
I also love to look at beauty in all forms.
Be it people, things, or places,
I find that beauty can be found in all sorts of different ways.
This is my inspiration for my art, my photography,
all that I make and all that I do. 
Because, if everything looked the same,
wouldn't the world be a boring place to live in?


If you happen to be at one of our events, my husband Gregg or our son, Taylor maybe the one helping you choose the right bag for you. I could not run this business without my family's help. Please excuse them, they're a bit goofy.


How I got started...

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I believe that I must love the things I do in order to be successful in it. I think that's why I enjoyed my time at home raising our 4 children. I truly was very happy watching them grow up and delighted in everything they did. I saw everything they did as little miracles. I know that sounds corny and all parents think that their children are the best and most wonderful little beings in the universe but that's the beauty of life. What we love, we love to do. And what we love to do, we do very well. And I just knew that I was going to be a great mom. That's what I set out to do when I became a mom, I knew I had to not just love my kids but like them too. Today, they are mine and my husbands true friends.
This is my approach in business too. I know this isn't how many successful people practice making money. But every step I took as a parent was a learning process and I'm finding running my own company to be no different. Who knew that staying at home for 20 years to raise my kids was the stepping stone to owning my own company today?


Durability + Function + Style for today's busy life


...because a great bag WORKS. FOR YOU.

Proudly made in Honolulu.

One should never have to sacrifice durability for beauty. Our philosophy is built into every piece we make. 

Made with Aloha. Our bags are designed with versatility and multi-functionality in mind to work for you in any occasion. Our bags grow with you depending on what you're doing daily, weekly or months down the road. It will function for you with ease and convenience to help you move freely while still looking fantastic and stylish.

See functionality and different ways to carry our bags in each of our listings.

Find out how I come up with my designs in our blog