My name is Hunnelle. I love the unusual, unique, and oddities in life.
I also love to look at beauty in all forms.
Be it people, things, or places,
I find that beauty can be found in all sorts of different ways.
This is my inspiration for my art, all that I make and all that I do. 
Because if everything looked the same,
wouldn't the world be a boring place to live in?




...because a great bag WORKS. FOR YOU.
A brand that delights
in everyday life. 
Proudly made in Honolulu.

One should never have to sacrifice durability for beauty. Our philosophy is built into every piece we make. 

Made with Aloha. Our bags are designed with versatility and multi-functionality in mind to work for you in any occasion. Our bags grow with you depending on what you're doing daily, weekly or months down the road. It will function for you with ease and convenience to help you move freely while still looking fantastic and stylish.

See functionality and different ways to carry our bags in each of our listings.


If you happen to be at one of our events, my husband Gregg or our son, Taylor maybe the one helping you choose the right bag for you. I could not run this business without my family's help.


How I got started...


My husband and I got married when we were both 19 years old, then he joined the Army.  I grew up traveling as an Air Force brat. The transition to an army family was a natural one and I welcomed the ability to continue traveling all over the world. We have 4 children and I was a stay at home mom for 20 years. I wanted to go back to college but didn't relish being in tuition debt all over again.
Watching our two oldest kids leave for the army gave me the idea to follow in their footsteps two years later...haha
Their Daddy was their recruiter, and so naturally,  at 40 years old, I asked my husband what jobs he had for me?
He quickly told me that he did not want me in his Army. lol
I hounded him for a few days about joining the Army Reserves and he finally realized that I was serious.
He told me he would only do my paperwork to join if I was able to do 20 proper push ups, 40 proper sit ups, and ran for 30 minutes without stopping.
So, I worked out for 2 months until I was able to meet his requirements, which by the way was more rigid than the Army's requirements of 3 push ups and 10 sit ups for just signing up to join and shipping off to basic training.
I realized later that he was preparing me for the physical challenges ahead of me and to make sure I passed those challenges, which I did! 
I surprised myself by performing even better than some of the girls and guys half my age!
I was so proud of myself for the experience and  ability of having gone through the US Army basic training.
Not only did I pass, but SURPRISE!!!, I loved every minute of it!
After basic training, I went home and started a business.
And why not? I am deathly afraid of heights and if I could rappel off an 80 foot tower in basic training and end up loving it, I felt I could do anything!
My commitment to the Army Reserves was only for one weekend a month and two weeks in the summer.
The rest was my time.
I was once again staying home taking care of our two younger children still living at home.
My husband and I have always believed that one of us had to stay home to raise our children and we felt that our daily presence in our children's teen years were just as important in their lives as when they were babies and whenthey were in grade school.  I stayed hometaking care of things teenagers did; sports and homework while my husband got deployed and worked and got deployed and worked and got deployed....
We didn't have a lot of money when our kids were growing up.
So presents for family and friends were often things I had made.
Bags, sets of greeting cards, fabric wreaths, sketches ofchildren, painted furniture, sewn pieces of clothing, crocheted scarves and booties, stockings, ornaments, or volunteered time for events. All of those things that I had done or made over the years, I did not realize until later, was training for when I opened my Etsy shop selling bags I had made.
I was blown away when I made $1000 my first month with Etsy.
I opened that etsy shop in hopes of making enough money to pay for movie outings for the family.
Making that first thousand opened my mind to more possibilities.
In 2010, my unit came down on deployment orders and I shut down my Etsy shop and went to Basra, Iraq.
A month before I left for deployment, my husband left for his deployment to Balad and our oldest son, also in the army left for his deployment to Afghanistan two weeks after I arrived in Basra.
A year later, I came home to Hawaii with an appreciation for life that only someone who's deployed can ever understand.
(By the way, our daughter also in the army at the time was deployed to Iraq in 2008. She's our oldest child)
I left Etsy when I came home from Iraq and opened my own online shop.
I put everything I knew and had into my business and I was eager to learn anything and everything I could to help me run it.

Today my husband and kids help out at events.
If you are signed up to our Newsletter, most often you are receiving it from my daughter, Kari.
She and her family live in Virginia where her husband who is in the Army is stationed.
She helps out with the business as my media person and of course because she's also my bestfriend, she's the first person I call when I have a new design idea.
And she often has ideas of her own to add to each new design I come up with.