From Stay at Home Mom, to Soldier, to Designer

Deployment to Iraq and designing are worlds apart...

I was a stay at home mom for 20 years. Then at 40 years old, I joined the army.
In 2009, I started H&K to earn some extra cash for family birthday gifts and monthly outings to movies or eating out. Little did I know this small thing I started part time to earn a little extra money would evolve to become the main focus of my life next to my family. 
In 2010, my reserve unit came down on orders for deployment to Iraq, then it was bye bye potentially lucrative business.
While I was deployed, during my off time, I researched what it takes to start and own a business. However, I soon learned that reading about business is different from actually conducting one. Reading about how business works is great but nothing beats implementing an idea and watching it flourish.
I was once asked by a shop owner for my linesheet, to know my products better and place orders for her store.  What's a line sheet?  Well, I didn't know what it was, so of course I lost that customer. I quickly tried to find out about linesheets, learned how to make them, and implemented a new one every season into my business dealings with potential wholesale customers.
Although, every single step I've taken thus far is done as if I am walking with blindfolds on, with every step being a first almost always, I am confident that all the reading and research I've done and will continue to do, along with all the feedbacks I get from my customers, will continue to help me along the way. My journey is yet new but I hope you will come along with me to see where it will lead.
H&K...because a bag should be durable functional and make you feel pretty.

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