About the wallet

One day, I was at the grocery store check out with a cart of food. I was about to pay for my purchases but when I opened my wallet I realized that my debit card was in a sling I was using the night before.

To avoid this from happening again, I designed this wallet to act as wallet and sling. No more forgetting important items that should be in my wallet in another bag. This wallet can go from little clutch, to little handbag,  to crossbody sling, to waistpack. And when I want to carry a purse, I just pop this little thing in the bag and it is also my wallet! No more transferring IDs, debit card and my mobile from bag to bag, it all fits in this little versatile wallet/sling. And as a bonus, this bag can also be carried as a waistpack. Just adjust the strap to the waist size. For added security, work strap through belt loops.