About the weekender

I think traveling these days is a big hassle. The airplane seats and legroom barely accommodate the size of a child so the last thing I want to do when I travel is have too many bags to carry. I created the weekender to act as both my carry on and my purse. And if I choose to carry a rolling carry on with me, I can slide the weekender luggage loops through the handle of the rolling case. I placed the 8 inside pockets around the perimeter of the inside of the bag so during the flight when elbow room is limited, I can slip my hand into the bag going from one pocket to the next circular wise, to search for an item without looking. Eventually I will run into what I am searching because the pockets are placed in a circle around the inside of the bag. This bag has side pockets forwater bottle and has a plastic insert stitched at the bottom of the bag for support. It will distribute the weight of the bag evenlyat the bottom and not stress and break the seam. The weekender fit under the seat in front of you on the plane. During the flight take the bag out and use as a foot stool.