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We found ourselves spending more time on social media and attending to our online shop more than the time we spent with family. So, we’re sorry to announce that we’ve closed our online shop. And we apologize ahead of time if you find our social media to be less engaging and more product informative. We want to live our lives in the breathing and living and less with robots on cyber space dictating the success of our company by following algorithms based on our social media activities. I found myself becoming less genuine with my posts just to make a buck and I didn’t like myself for it. I’m sorry to be so candid but I refuse to allow tech companies to dictate how I make money based upon disingenuous and unrealistic posts on social media. I prefer real interaction with my customers, even if it means making less money. So, if we haven’t completely insulted you with that first part of our news, and you are still reading this and want to place an order for wallet/sling, satchel, pillowcase, or scarf, please email us and we’ll be more than happy to help you.
We’ve created links to Spoonflower where you will be able see all our print designs and choose your print. Mahalo for your understanding.


wearable art

hunnelle |  artist



Hunnelle creates prints using her artwork, often done in watercolors.



prints, wallet, satchel, artwork, scarf, pillowcase